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MARCH 21, 2010

ERAtech Environmental Limited, represented by Robert Kohnen and Bert Schipholt, and David Gossman, of Gossman Consulting, Inc., are pleased to announce their joint commitment to develop a new Company , The ERAtech Group LLC, dedicated to the development of waste derived fuels (WDF) operations worldwide. Whereas the existing parties are currently recognized world leaders in WDF technology, this new venture will incorporate ERAtech Environmental Limited, with its expertise in developing and utilizing WDF technology, with David Gossman's expertise, skills and technological know-how of WDF operations. This partnership will position the new venture to establish itself as the foremost world authority in WDF operations.

"We are excited about bring the experience and technology developed by Gossman Consulting, Inc. into a central organization," says Mr. Kohnen. "They fill a gap that we have in the past had to go outside of our group to fill. Now we can provide the most complete waste derived fuels package to our customers and joint venture partners."

"ERAtech's roots in WDF go back to 1978 like our own. There is no other organization in our business outside of the US that has the experience and depth that our combined organization contains," says Mr. Gossman. "Over the years we have amassed a vast amount of experience that is irreplaceable. This experience translates to savings when working in the WDF field and we bring these savings to our customers in our ongoing projects and operations."

Providing supplemental fuels for high energy users such as cement, lime and light aggregate kilns, both companies have been dedicated to safe, environmentally sound solutions to the world's waste disposal challenges. Gossman Consulting, Inc. has provided services to the cement industry worldwide, while ERAtech has joint venture operations and WDF contracts in the UK, Spain, Chile and Taiwan.

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