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The ERAtech Group LLC

Company History and Capabilities


The principals of ERAtech have been the innovators and leaders in the use of waste derived fuels for cement manufacturing since the concept was first commercialized in the US at the then General Portland Cement (now Lafarge) facility in Paulding, Ohio in 1979. With 21 years of experience in the field, we have developed a wealth of invaluable experience which keeps ERAtech the industry leader.

Liquid Fuels

Having been the first to use waste liquids as fuels in cement kilns and having operated liquid waste combustion for the longest in the business, we have developed our own proprietary nonplugging nozzles for the introduction of liquids into the burning zone of the kilns. They are simple, efficient and effective.

Over the years, we have also developed and written laboratory procedures to accurately analyze the waste materials in the complex matrixes in which they are contained. We do this so that we know exactly what compounds are in the waste streams and to assure ourselves and the cement operation that the materials being combusted are safe for the employees, the local community and the operation.

We have also instituted safety programs at our operations to assure that we are doing the most to protect our workers from any unnecessary exposure.

Semi-Solid Fuels

We are the leader in developing resuspension techniques for solids that have dropped out of their liquid carriers and for the introduction of solids and semi-solids into liquid streams for introduction into waste derived fuels programs. We pioneered systems which removed the solids settlings from drums and the reintroduction of the materials into liquids at our Solvent Resource Recovery, Inc. facility in Dayton, Ohio in the early 1980ís. We further commercialized our technology in 1992 by building a bulk solids/semi-solids suspension facility at both the Lafarge/Systech facility in Fredonia, Kansas and, in 1997, the Rinker (CSR) facility in Miami Florida. There operations bring in truck load quantities of industrial solids, we particle size the waste and suspend the material in suitable organic liquids for ultimate use as a fuel on site.

Solid Waste Derived Fuels

Since 1990, we have developed tire derived fuel and more recently waste derived fuel systems for cement kilns worldwide. We have designed and installed totally automated material handling systems for long kilns using the Cadence mid-kiln gate and have provided systems for preheater and precalciner kilns. Our customers have included: Lafarge, Holderbank, Blue Circle, Essroc Materials, Calaveras Cement, Medusa and Illinois Cement. A large portion of our projects have been the use of tire derived fuels, however, we have engineered systems to combust: Coconut shells, sugarcane, bailed municipal wastes and other solid wastes that have a fuel value.

Engineering and Evaluation Services

In house and through our professional affiliates, we evaluate each specific kiln to develop a fuel specification that meets the exact needs of the operation. We then can write a test burn plan for the local environmental agencies approval and assist the fuel user in obtaining the necessary permits to operate such a program. From the initial concept through public hearings through the engineering to start up of the system, we are experienced and are able to render assistance for a successful program.


Our mission is to utilize and capitalize on our technologies through joint venture operations worldwide. We look to team up with quality partners in countries which have waste derived fuel opportunities.

After performing a careful feasibility study, we then enter into exclusive agreements with a local cement manufacturing operation to supply them with a fuel prepared to a specification which suits their specific kiln.

Through our local joint venture waste collection partner, we then source the appropriate waste fuels feed stocks to blend and prepare the necessary fuels for a test burn and ultimately for the continued supply of the suitable fuels.


Joint Venture Operations

Currently we are active in England, Spain Taiwan, Kuwait and Chile. We are pursuing other opportunities with local waste collection and cement operations worldwide.


Experienced, leader, innovative, qualified and quality are all words that describe ERAtech and the business that we operate. We are always looking to team our skills with other acceptable partners to develop worthwhile projects. We look forward to reviewing your interests in this field and working with you in the future.