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ERAtech Group LLC

Mission Statement

The mission of ERAtech Group LLC is to be the premier world-wide provider of recycled fuels technology for high energy industrial users.

We will partner with multinational cement manufactures and seek to develop business partnerships where we are compensated for our skills by a minority share of the venture or through fees and licensing agreements.

We will promote the view that spent materials are not to be wasted but to be revalorised.

We will also combine all best practices and technologies to generate value for our customers both the waste generator and the waste derived fuel users.

We will continue to develop new technology and pioneer the use of alternative fuels and feed materials for the users of our products.

We will accomplish this while simultaneously giving the highest quality of service to our customers and operating our business to the highest environmental and corporate citizenship standards.

In fulfilling this mission we shall provide a rewarding work environment for our people, promote a spirit of partnership with the communities and customers that we serve, as we strive to be a responsible neighbour while increasing shareholder values.

June 2010